Vega Lashes - Look Up Collection
Vega Lashes - Look Up Collection
Vega Lashes - Look Up Collection

Vega Lashes - Look Up Collection

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Vega is so important because it's the fifth brightest star in the night sky. Also, it used to be the North Pole star around 12,000 B.C.E. Vega has more than twice the mass of the Sun and its bolometric luminosity is about 40 times the Sun's. Because it is rotating rapidly and seen nearly pole-on, its apparent luminosity, calculated assuming it was the same brightness all over, is about 57 times the Sun's.

Vega is a criss cross pattern that gives added volume perfect for a night out with your friends. special occasion or everyday use


A single set of Premium quality, vegan false lashes. Easy to apply and Comfortable.

 Free of Parabens, phthalates, and latex. This product is also cruelty-free. 

3D lashes 

Reusable Last up to 30 wears

Suitable for most eyes. (should be trimmed to suit your eyes.)

Soft & lightweight.

Thin Flexible bands.

Lasts for 10 hrs straight.


How to Use (and achieve a natural look):

-Trim lashes as needed to suit your eyes

-Apply glue to the lash band (adding extra glue at the ends)

-Leave it for 15-30 seconds

-Apply lashes on your natural lashes, starting with the outer corner.

-Tip: Use mascara to blend falsies with real lashes, making your new Devv’s Lashes appear a lot more natural!

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